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The Dental COmpany

Dental Center

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The Dental Company It is adental center specialized in personalized service, with a high-level technological team, always thinking about the comfort of the patient and excellent professional care. 

  • Client The Dental Company
  • Date: 17-02-2019
  • Sector: dental
  • Place: Cuenca-Ecuador


The reason for the development of the website is mainly to obtain greater visibility in digital media, as well as to attract new target audiences that could be interested in the services provided by the center (recruitment of foreign audiences through the section dental tourism)

The main objectives in the development of the site are to attract potential clients who come and visit our dental center and the second to obtain an online reputation in foreign countries that visit us for their treatments (dental tourism).


The development of a simple and sophisticated design is proposed that represents the essence of the company (status and elegance) being one of the best dental centers in the entire city 

The design of the website is developed as a Parallax type design in which all the benefits of the company are described and why to choose The Dental Company as opposed to the competition (technology, personalized service, quality of care, etc.)


Once the design and assembly of your website is completed, a social media plan is created for the advertising development of the company in social networks, which contains the following analysis and parameters:

Proyecto The Dental Company
Proyecto The Dental Company
Proyecto The Dental Company
Proyecto The Dental Company

Website views

The new website of The Dental Company presents 7 main pages visible in the menu (home, Dental Tourism, About us, treatments, Technological equipment, testimonials and contacts) these are divided as follows 

  1. Homepage: on this page you will find the main information of the company (services, who are they ?, our experts, our patients, etc.)
  2. Dental tourism page: this page is specially designed for foreign audiences, where accommodation, transportation, translation and dental appointment services are offered for tourists who wish to undergo high-quality treatment while visiting another country.
  3. About us page: This page presents all the information about the center. From how it was created and developed, to its team of professionals, where each of the specialists is shown with their respective participation in the center.
  4. Treatments Page: This page shows each of our services as well as our different treatments represented by totally unique and personalized icons of the company.
  5. Technology equipment page: This page shows the different types of equipment that the company presents as well as different images of its facilities.
  6. Testimonials page: This page shows in a video way the different testimonies of foreign people who have tried and are delighted with the services that The Dental Company has provided them
  7. Contact page: Once the user has toured the entire site, he presents the contact page which presents all the current contacts that the center presents (email, telephone and location)

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