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Videogame store

Area: Web Design / Corporate Identity

Fully online store focused on all kinds of products Gamer from accessories like GamePad, keyboards or headphones, as well as the sale of consoles (Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, PC). 

  • Client EmpiPlay
  • Date: 05-03-2021
  • Sector: Technological
  • Place: Miami-Florida


The complete creation of a corporate identity and the development of its website were considered in order to obtain a greater online reputation in the gaming entertainment sector.

The main objectives in the development of the site are to increase sales through the new website and the one with higher online positioning.


In this project we develop from the graphic concept of the brand as well as the creation of its naming and its sales website.

The minimalist and clean style was inspired by the PlayStation video game brand with a pure, detailed and futuristic style.


During the process we created the name of EmpiPlay which comes from the union of two words (Neologism) that represent the personality of the brand.

Empi: Empire (empire in English)
Play: Game in English

From this word game, its iconographic concept was designed, which is represented as two united game controls, each one represents an initial letter of the company (E + P) which when joined together form the face of a warrior referring to the concept developed (gamer empire).

Proyecto empiplay
Proyecto empiplay
Proyecto empiplay
Proyecto empiplay

Website views

The new EmpiPlay website features 4 main pages visible in the menu (home, Shop, About Us, News) of which are divided as follows 

  1. Homepage: On this page you will find all the latest products, most searched categories, promotions, discounts and everything related to the company's products.
  2. Store page: On this page you can see all the products that the store presents organized by 7 categories (Headphones, PC, Controls, Games, Consoles, Vr, and accessories)
  3. About us this page presents all the information of the company including the concept and personality of the brand.
  4. News page: the latest trends and news related to the world of videogames are uploaded

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