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Apple accessories store

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iShopping Ecuador is a company dedicated to the sale of accessories and technical service for Apple products, in their branding they present a great competitive advantage which is the creation of personalized Skins and Wraps that can be adapted to different devices (SmartPhones, AirPods, iPad, MacBook, among others).

  • Client iShopping
  • Date: 27-03-2019
  • Sector: Technological
  • Place: Cuenca-Ecuador


The reason for its redesign is mainly the refreshing and improvement of its identity to obtain greater contact with its target audience, which is defined as adolescents between the age of 18 to 30 according to the statistics obtained by the social networks where it is most in demand. and sales (Facebook and Instagram) supplemented with the data collected from the database of its website.

The new design maintains a more sophisticated, modern, youthful and dynamic style showing a technological and tourist concept.


The management of a simple and clean design is proposed, highlighting the most important elements of the brand (its accessories and colors). The colors to be handled will be the same (light blue and purple), a color gradient that transmits both technological and futuristic sensations.

The design of the web page is developed as a Parallax type design in which the following views are highlighted: home, how to buy ?, store, checkout, cart, contacts and my account


Once the design and creation of your style is done, a social media plan is developed for the propagation of the brand in social networks, this plan contains:

  • Competition analysis
  • F.O.D.A analysis
  • Audience analysis (specific target of the brand)
  • Definition of Buyer persona
  • Definition of objectives
  • Definition of strategies
  • Definition of tactics
  • Establishment of keywords
  • Brand voice
Proyecto iShopping
Proyecto iShopping
Proyecto iShopping

Website views

The new iShopping Ecuador website presents 6 main views visible in the menu (home, How to buy?, store, contacts, my account and track order) these are divided as follows 

  1. Home view: In this view you will find the main information of the page, here you can upload the latest promotions, new products, most popular items, discounts, etc.
  2. View of how to buy: This view presents the steps to follow so that the user can make purchases by presenting two types of payment, the classic payment method consists of making payments for the products by bank transfer and the Payphone process which consists of making payments by Credit or debit card.
  3. Store view: the store view is divided into the following sections:
  • Main Store: in this view you can see the categories of the products that are handled in the store represented by icons (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, AirPods Pro, Videogames, Personal accessories, Apple, MacBook, Technology, Automobile and Bags)
  • Category Store: In the category store we can get the different types of products that are in the selected category, the user has the option to filter the products by prices as well as organize them by popularity, average rating and by the last products uploaded, it also has the ability to switch from one category to another.
  • Product section: In the product view you can see in detail all the characteristics of the article as well as the colors and models available. It is in this view where the user selects the item they want by placing it in the option «Add to cart.
  1. Checkout view: The checkout view is where the purchase of the previously selected product is made, this view is divided into the following sections.
  • shopping cart In this section we can see all the information of the purchase (items to buy, quantity, shipping or local collection etc.)
  • Checkout: in this section is all the information for billing the items (customer data, product information, payment method, community rules, etc.)
  • Checkout 2: after the purchase is completed, it is sent to the user in this section where a message of thanks for the purchase and the bank details will appear in case of making a transfer by the classic payment method.
  1. Contacts view: In this view we get all the information about the store (address, location map of the stores nationwide, social networks, telephones, emails, contact form, etc.)
  2. Account view: In this view we can find all the customer information, here the user can see their recent orders, manage their shipping addresses, billing, edit their password and the details of their account.

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