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Catalan courses institute

Area: Web Design / Corporate Identity

Cursosdecatalà is an e-learning platform dedicated to the teaching of the Catalan language. Its aim is to offer complete courses, designed for different types of people who want to learn the language.

  • Client Cursosdecatalà
  • Date: 27-07-2021
  • Sector: Educational
  • Place: Catalonia-Spain


During its development, the objective of the project was to reflect the personality of the company, and that the visitors of the web know what is being talked about, how and who is the brand that communicates it, in just seconds.

In the case of the website, the main objective was to transfer the website developed in Moodle to WordPress with the integration of learning dash for uploading interactive courses to the new platform.


Our proposal was to maintain the same traditional graphic style of the brand, but improving its functionality and adaptability, solving errors in the application of colors, among other improvements. 

In this redesign we focus on highlighting the word Cat (abbreviation for Catalonia) to visually stand out in any format. Additionally we create an abbreviation of the logo to adapt to different platforms and dimensions, without losing legibility and aesthetics.


As a result, we achieved a new corporate identity on the website, with new illustrations that represent the essence of the company and generate a greater connection with the brand. 

We also optimize the platform for e-learning, making it easier for users to view the educational material and interact with their teachers, carry out evaluations in an integrated way and much more. 

Website views

The new website of Cursosdecatalà presents 5 main pages visible in the menu (home, courses, about us, services, contacts) of which are divided as follows 

  1. Homepage: summary about what the company is about showing the most relevant information for the user and the most demanding courses
  2. Course page: on this page you can see each of the courses presented by the platform
  3. About us brief information about the history of the institute, its teachers, students' experiences, etc.
  4. Services All the services offered by the institute are shown, not just online classes.
  5. Contact us show the means of contacts that the user may have to communicate with the company, in addition to the most frequent questions that students ask before enrolling
  6. Course page: Once the user enters the course, they will be able to see brief information about it, (what the course is about, characteristics of the course, payment methods, to whom it is addressed, etc.)
  7. Student page: On this page, the student will be able to see all the progress they have taken of the courses they are taking within the platform

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