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Construction and real estate company

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Empresa enfocada en brindar distintos servicios para el sector inmobiliario, entre los que se encuentran: arquitectura, ingeniería, construcción, corretaje de bienes raíces, tasaciones para el sector financiero y privado, avalúos y peritajes para el sector judicial, consultoría y capacitaciones. 

  • Client Corporación Metropolicorp S.A.
  • Date: 25-05-2021
  • Sector: Real estate
  • Place: Cuenca-Ecuador


Metropolicorpo S.A, a company dedicated to providing various services for the real estate sector, such as architecture, engineering, construction, real estate brokerage, appraisals for the financial and private sectors, appraisals and expert opinions for the judicial sector, consulting and training.

Its main objective is to present a totally professional and corporate image to its clients, demonstrating trust and transparency at all times.


During its development and programming, different systems were implemented according to the company's objective, the most important being a real estate system that would allow the Metropolicorp team to upload and display all the properties that are both for sale and for rent and that they are They can be filtered according to their price, characteristic, city or province.


At the design level, the same style and essence developed previously in the design of the brochure was maintained, managing a subtle, minimalist, detailed and corporate style, so that the brand could evoke a sense of trust, professionalism and status.

Proyecto corporación metropolicorp s.a.
Proyecto corporación metropolicorp s.a.
Proyecto corporación metropolicorp s.a.
Proyecto corporación metropolicorp s.a.

Website views

The new website of Corporación MetropoliCorp presents 8 main pages visible in the menu (Real estate, About us, Architecture and construction, Consulting and Engineering, Courses and training, contacts and Evaluate your property) of which were developed in the following way.

  1. Real Estate Page: the page presents a global brand search engine which allows the user to filter by categories and characteristics the type of property they wish to search for (whether it is for sale or rent, city, size, budget, etc.) in addition to this the Assets page Raíces is presented as a summary of all the great characteristics that the brand presents (company advantages, ratings, registrations, why choose us?, featured properties, quote appraisals, etc.) in order to show the user in an easy way and summarized why they should hire them.
  2. About us?: This page talks about the great trajectory of the company, from How did they start? to its mission, vision, advantages and the work team that makes up the company.
  3. Architecture and Construction: This page shows all kinds of information related to the construction and architecture area including an interactive video that shows the creation process up to the stages that this area presents for the development process divided into 4 phases (feasibility analysis, building design, construction, sale or lease)
  4. Consulting and engineering: The different types of services offered by the company in the consulting and engineering area are shown, such as: architectural designs, topographic studies, electrical studies, fire-fighting studies, structural studies, hydrological and hydraulic studies, and interior design.
  5. Courses and training: This page shows all the courses and training provided by the company for engineers, architects and real estate salespeople.
  6. Contact us All the means of contact presented by the company are shown so that the user can communicate easily either by mail, telephone or by going to one of the company's branches.
  7. Evaluate your property: Special page which presents the main service of the company showing all the pertinent information of the appraisal area, from its process and methodology to its different competitive advantages.
  8. Internal pages: In addition to presenting the aforementioned pages, the website presents other pages of great importance that make up the website, such as the page of properties for sale and lease where all the properties that the available company presents are shown and the page of the property where the user can see all the pertinent information of the property that he wishes to rent or buy.
Proyecto corporación metropolicorp s.a.
Proyecto corporación metropolicorp s.a.

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