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Medical supplies store

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MEDSTORE, formerly known as Medical House Jorge Pauta Córdova is a physical and online store dedicated to the sale of excellent quality medical supplies.

  • Client Medstore
  • Date: 24-06-2021
  • Sector: Health
  • Place: Cuenca-Ecuador


Store of equipment and medical supplies with more than 30 years in the market specialized in the sale and purchase of products oriented to the Health Sector, both the Private Sector and the Public Sector.

With the expansion of lines aimed at the family, the elderly, people with special abilities, and athletes in general, with products exclusively related to health.


During its development and programming, a new style was implemented for the brand, which was much fresher, more modern, clean and simple in order to connect in a more profound and humane way with its customers on the different digital platforms. (social networks and website).

The development of an online store for the optimization of inventory, increased sales and greater exposure in digital channels was incorporated into its website that was in accordance with the strategies and tactics previously outlined in the social media plan created, with the purpose of complying with the objectives presented by the company.


Thanks to the implementation of the new optimized website and the development of advertising campaigns for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, the company obtained the following results. 


  • Achieved 318% a one range increase.
  • Achieved 2% in Content Interactions.
  • Achieved 13% in total followers.


  • Achieved 491% a one range increase.
  • Achieved 375,9% in Content Interactions.
  • The main objective of the company during the months of management was the increase in traffic to the physical store as well as the increase in new customers who make online sales, managing to obtain more than 250 potential customers interested in buying a product of the company only online.
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Servicios de marketing digital para tiendas
Servicios de marketing digital para tiendas

Website views

The new Medstore website presents 6 main pages visible in the menu (Home, Store, Brands, About us, How to buy and Contact) which are divided as follows.

  1. Homepage: on this page you will find all the latest news related to the company (current promotions, featured products, products on offer, most searched categories, how to buy and products by brands)
  2. Store page: On this page you can see all the products that the store currently presents, which can be filtered by categories, prices, brands, popularity, etc. In addition to presenting an interactive banner which shows the latest product promotions. 
  3. Brands: One of the main advantages that the company presents is the management of multiple brands that are highly known at an international level, for which, in order to enhance the trust and reputation of the company, the user is presented with the different brands of products that the company currently presents, In addition to this, the user can filter the products and select the one they want according to their brand. 
  4. About us This page presents all the information of the company (vision, mission, history and its corporate video).
  5. How to buy?: for users who are just discovering the website, present this page to learn how they should carry out the purchase process within it, in addition to serving as a guide for the sales team and explaining them step by step to the How the customer should make the purchase so that in the future they can make it without any assistance.
  6. Contact: this page presents all the means of contact that the company presents, including a form that goes directly to the company's sales email as well as the integration of an interactive map to know its exact location.
diseño y desarrollo de E-Commerce
diseño y desarrollo de E-Commerce

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