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IUSNOVA is a boutique law firm dedicated to advising, in different areas of law, companies and entrepreneurs who demand specialized and quality legal services with a creative and innovative approach.

  • Client IUSNOVA Lawyers
  • Date: 27-08-2021
  • Sector: Legal / Technological
  • Place: México- Cancún


IUSNOVA is a digital law firm specialized in corporate law, whose main drawback lately has been the lack of clients in the last period, putting the company at risk by stopping its production to reduce costs.


Before carrying out the execution of any strategy, we develop a Social Media Plan (digital market analysis) in order to detect problems and opportunities both inside and outside the company.

Once its development was completed, one of the strategies applied as a result of the research was to focus marketing efforts on 3 large sectors (technological, financial and insurance sectors) through different dissemination channels, having LinkedIn as the main ones for attracting more Leads. qualified and E-Mail Marketing in order to keep them and convert them into customers.


After developing and executing the Social Media Plan As a result, during the first months, a general increase in the statistics and metrics of the Facebook and Instagram networks was obtained, increasing more than 50% in interactions, engagement and followers on average, this combined with the use of LinkedIn and E-Mail Marketing, achieving during the first 2 months of the year a total of 135 new potential customers (Leads) and a frequency of 2 to 3 new sales meetings per week, this being an increase of more than 50% in meetings.

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