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Store aimed at women's beauty

Area: Corporate identity design / Digital marketing / Animation

Poema is a store aimed at modern and liberal women, it is in charge of selling clothes, lingerie, accessories, shoes, jewelry and makeup.

  • Client Poena Style
  • Date: 30-09-2020
  • Sector: Textil
  • Place: Cuenca-Ecuador 


The purpose of the creation of the brand is to show a professional image which can be identified with the woman with a design that evokes the true meaning of being a woman.

Strength, sophistication, subtlety, modernism.


The design of an identifier of the Imagotype type is proposed for the creation of the brand, this design is inspired by the old windows and art nouveau style known as the new art movement, making inca foot in the renewal of women.

The name of your brand comes from the combination of two languages (French and Greek).

Poe: de Poésie (poetry in French)
Na: from Gynaíka (Woman in Greek)

These two languages act as a representative of the beauty that being a woman symbolizes, showing subtlety and delicacy.


Once the corporate identity of Poena Store was created and analyzed, a social media plan was developed to make the company known through social media (Instagram and Facebook), with a modern photographic style oriented to the beauty of being a woman. Like different types of packaging that the brand would present were developed, in this case a box design was made for national shipments of Poena Store products classified as clothing, makeup, accessories and lingerie. 

Depending on the product to be sent, the category is chosen, the product packaging is developed with a sophisticated and luxurious design that symbolizes the brand. 

Proyecto Poena Style

Compositional principles

  • Simplicity: The design of its visual image presents the design of an element that encompasses its entire composition, generating a simple, high-impact design.
  • Applicability: The visual image can be executed in different types of formats without losing its recognition, using the letter P as a distinctive icon in the development of coordinated patterns.
  • impregnate Thanks to its subtle and minimalist design, the visual load that it generates is minimal, increasing its level of impact on the consumer's mind. 
Proyecto Poena Style
Proyecto Poena Style
Proyecto Poena Style

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