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Area: Corporate Identity

Group Demarchelier is a company specialized in the construction area (elaboration of large buildings, skyscrapers, buildings, shopping centers, etc.) with a modernist and perfectionist style.

  • Client Group Demarchelier
  • Date: 28-09-2020
  • Sector: Industrial
  • Place: Cuenca-Ecuador 


The reason for the development of the Group Demarchelier corporate identity is to show a professional and unique image of your company, focused on large buildings with a minimalist and modern style aimed at an adult and professional public. 


The design of an identifier of the Imagotype type is proposed for the creation and design of the corporate identity of the brand, this design consists of the silhouettes of some buildings that end up forming the letter D (initial of the company).


The graphic concept behind this identifier is to show the modern and simple side of each of the projects they carry out, as well as their modern and minimalist style that impacts the consumer's memory.

Proyecto Group Demarchelier.

Compositional principles

  • Simplicity: this identifier maintains its simplicity by presenting a maximum of 2 elements in its entire composition, presenting a clean and simple high-impact design.
  • Applicability: the identifier works to be used in different formats without losing its recognition, using the indented identifier as a distinctive icon.
  • impregnate Thanks to its subtle and minimalist design, the visual load that it generates is minimal, increasing its level of impact on the consumer's mind. 
  • Coherence: The message that the company wants to convey is correctly expressed in the identifier, since the silhouettes of the buildings in its composition represent what it is dedicated to.
Proyecto Group Demarchelier.
Proyecto Group Demarchelier.

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