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LegalTech Application

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It is known as one of the largest reference companies of Legaltech in Ecuador, it works as a Legal Marketplace with the difference of presenting a document management system where lawyers can carry out different types of projects within the platform, as well as a secure system of collections and payments.

  • Client LegalInside
  • Date: 10-08-2021
  • Sector: Legal / Technological
  • Place: México- Cancún


LegalInside is considered as a LegalTech LegalTech ALL IN ONE, which includes services, such a Legal MarketplaceCase Manager, Business Management Software, among other functions. Its main drawback was not attracting enough lawyers, both in Ecuador and Mexico, to register and use the platform in order to generate income both from subscriptions and from the projects carried out by the lawyers subscribers on the platform.


A social media plan was developed in order to achieve the company's sales objectives, in addition to identifying our BP so that he would register and use the Legaltech platform.

During the management we develop different types of analysis to know the current situation of the company, among them analysis of competition, audience, media, definition of Buyer Persona, strategies and tactics, keywords, brand voice and style guide. .


As a result, we achieved monthly and organic traffic to the platform of more than 324 lawyers, obtaining a 51.4% increase in traffic and with a total of 50 registered lawyers, on average, within the platform. These results were achieved during the first months, through the Facebook and Instagram channels. 

We estimated that the current average figures will triple in the next 3 months, with the implementation of new sales channels.

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