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Iberoamerican Network for Water Sanitation

Area: corporate identity design

AMARU is an Ibero-American network for water sanitation, where different countries exchange knowledge in this area, with Peru being the coordinating country. This network currently has 8 members, including Spain, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and the Peruvian water sanitation company SEDAPAR.

  • Client AMARU Ibero-American Water Sanitation Network
  • Date: 19-01-2021
  • Sector: Scientific
  • Place: Arequipa-Perú 


The reason for the creation of the identity is to disseminate scientific research in the area of water sanitation through its conferences, congresses, seminars, courses and research stays, achieving a positive and professional impact on the reputation of the network in your community. .


The development of an abstract concept was proposed in which each element symbolized in its composition presents a meaning that forms the motive of the project (Ibero-American water sanitation network).


The identifier chosen for the identity of the company is an imagotype (use of typography and icon).

In its icon there are 8 wavy lines that form a circle, which represent the international level of the project as well as the 8 countries that are members of the Ibero-American network.

These lines symbolize the rivers of the AMARU deity (Peruvian deity that symbolizes the water that runs through the irrigation canals, rivers and springs) that are connected in a lake making reference to the network and the reason for the project (purity and maintenance of the waters)

Proyecto AMARU
Proyecto AMARU

Compositional principles

  • Simplicity: The identity developed presents a simple and unique design, handling a minimalist idea with high visual impact without reloading elements.

  • Applicability: Identity can be applied in different types of formats both in print and digital without losing its essence and recognizability.

  • impregnate With its unique design in the industry and few easy-to-recognize elements, the identifier meets the standards necessary to permeate the consumer's mind.

  • Distinction:The development of identity presents a unique concept generated from the internal composition of the project, being totally different from any type of organization, company or institution similar to this one.

  • Coherence: It presents a coherent concept according to the message and representation of what the Ibero-American network is about, since each element placed in the composition of the identity symbolizes a part of what this network is

  • Perdurability: Thanks to its simple design and reduced in the elements that compose it, the identifier has a long life time.

Proyecto AMARU
Proyecto AMARU
Proyecto AMARU
Proyecto AMARU

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